Triangle Symbols

List of Triangle signs, make over 43 triangle symbols text character.

Triangle SymbolTriangle NameDecimalHex
Black Up-pointing Triangle▲▲
White Up-pointing Triangle△△
Black Up-pointing Small Triangle▴▴
White Up-pointing Small Triangle▵▵
Black Right-pointing Triangle▶▶
White Right-pointing Triangle▷▷
Black Right-pointing Small Triangle▸▸
White Right-pointing Small Triangle▹▹
Black Down-pointing Triangle▼▼
White Down-pointing Triangle▽▽
Black Down-pointing Small Triangle▾▾
White Down-pointing Small Triangle▿▿
Black Left-pointing Triangle◀◀
White Left-pointing Triangle◁◁
Black Left-pointing Small Triangle◂◂
White Left-pointing Small Triangle◃◃
Black Lower Right Triangle◢◢
Black Lower Left Triangle◣◣
Black Upper Left Triangle◤◤
Black Upper Right Triangle◥◥
Triangle SymbolTriangle NameDecimalHex
White Up-pointing Triangle With Dot◬◬
Up-pointing Triangle With Left Half Black◭◭
Up-pointing Triangle With Right Half Black◮◮
Upper Left Triangle◸◸
Upper Right Triangle◹◹
Lower Left Triangle◺◺
Lower Right Triangle◿◿
Heavy White Down-pointing Triangle⛛⛛
White Triangle Containing Small White Triangle⟁⟁
Triangle With Dot Above⧊⧊
Triangle With Underbar⧋⧋
S In Triangle⧌⧌
Triangle With Serifs At Bottom⧍⧍
Right Triangle Above Left Triangle⧎⧎
Left Triangle Beside Vertical Bar⧏⧏
Vertical Bar Beside Right Triangle⧐⧐
Down-pointing Triangle With Left Half Black⧨⧨
Down-pointing Triangle With Right Half Black⧩⧩
Large Left Triangle Operator⨞⨞
Plus Sign With Black Triangle⨨⨨
Triangle SymbolTriangle NameDecimalHex
Plus Sign In Triangle⨹⨹
Minus Sign In Triangle⨺⨺
Multiplication Sign In Triangle⨻⨻

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Triangle Symbol Preview Variations

Triangle SymbolColorItalic Symbol
Black Up-pointing Triangle red
Black Up-pointing Triangle orange
Black Up-pointing Triangle pink
Black Up-pointing Triangle green
Black Up-pointing Triangle royal blue
Black Up-pointing Triangle purple
White Up-pointing Triangle red
White Up-pointing Triangle orange
White Up-pointing Triangle pink
White Up-pointing Triangle green
White Up-pointing Triangle royal blue
White Up-pointing Triangle purple