Minus Sign Symbols

List of Minus Sign signs, make over 25 minus sign symbols text character.

Minus Sign SymbolMinus Sign NameDecimalHex
±Plus-minus Sign±±
˗Modifier Letter Minus Sign˗˗
̠Combining Minus Sign Below̠̠
Commercial Minus Sign⁒⁒
Superscript Minus⁻⁻
Subscript Minus₋₋
Minus Sign−−
Minus-or-plus Sign∓∓
Set Minus∖∖
Dot Minus∸∸
Minus Tilde≂≂
Circled Minus⊖⊖
Squared Minus⊟⊟
Heavy Minus Sign➖➖
Top Arc Clockwise Arrow With Minus⤼⤼
Minus Sign With Comma Above⨩⨩
Minus Sign With Dot Below⨪⨪
Minus Sign With Falling Dots⨫⨫
Minus Sign With Rising Dots⨬⨬
Minus Sign SymbolMinus Sign NameDecimalHex
Minus Sign In Triangle⨺⨺
Union With Minus Sign⩁⩁
Similar Minus Similar⩬⩬
Small Hyphen-minus﹣﹣
Fullwidth Hyphen-minus--

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Minus Sign Symbol Preview Variations

Minus Sign SymbolColorItalic Symbol
-Hyphen-minus red-
-Hyphen-minus orange-
-Hyphen-minus pink-
-Hyphen-minus green-
-Hyphen-minus royal blue-
-Hyphen-minus purple-
±Plus-minus Sign red±
±Plus-minus Sign orange±
±Plus-minus Sign pink±
±Plus-minus Sign green±
±Plus-minus Sign royal blue±
±Plus-minus Sign purple±