Circle Symbols

List of Circle signs, make over 54 circle symbols text character.

Circle SymbolCircle NameDecimalHex
White Circle○○
Dotted Circle◌◌
Circle With Vertical Fill◍◍
Black Circle●●
Circle With Left Half Black◐◐
Circle With Right Half Black◑◑
Circle With Lower Half Black◒◒
Circle With Upper Half Black◓◓
Circle With Upper Right Quadrant Black◔◔
Circle With All But Upper Left Quadrant Black◕◕
Left Half Black Circle◖◖
Right Half Black Circle◗◗
Inverse White Circle◙◙
Upper Half Inverse White Circle◚◚
Lower Half Inverse White Circle◛◛
Upper Half Circle◠◠
Lower Half Circle◡◡
Large Circle◯◯
White Circle With Upper Left Quadrant◴◴
White Circle With Lower Left Quadrant◵◵
Circle SymbolCircle NameDecimalHex
White Circle With Lower Right Quadrant◶◶
White Circle With Upper Right Quadrant◷◷
White Circle With Dot Right⚆⚆
White Circle With Two Dots⚇⚇
Black Circle With White Dot Right⚈⚈
Black Circle With Two White Dots⚉⚉
Medium White Circle⚪⚪
Medium Black Circle⚫⚫
Medium Small White Circle⚬⚬
Circled White Star✪✪
Circled Open Centre Eight Pointed Star❂❂
Shadowed White Circle❍❍
Up Tack With Circle Above⟟⟟
Empty Set With Small Circle Above⦲⦲
Circle With Horizontal Bar⦵⦵
Circled Vertical Bar⦶⦶
Circled Parallel⦷⦷
Circled Reverse Solidus⦸⦸
Circled Perpendicular⦹⦹
Circle Divided By Horizontal Bar And Top Half Divided By Vertical Bar⦺⦺
Circle SymbolCircle NameDecimalHex
Circle With Superimposed X⦻⦻
Circled White Bullet⦾⦾
⦿Circled Bullet⦿⦿
Circle With Small Circle To The Right⧂⧂
Circle With Two Horizontal Strokes To The Right⧃⧃
Squared Small Circle⧇⧇
Error-barred White Circle⧲⧲
Error-barred Black Circle⧳⧳
N-ary Circled Dot Operator⨀⨀
N-ary Circled Plus Operator⨁⨁
N-ary Circled Times Operator⨂⨂
Down Tack With Circle Below⫱⫱
Black Large Circle⬤⬤
Heavy Large Circle⭕⭕

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Circle Symbol Preview Variations

Circle SymbolColorItalic Symbol
White Circle red
White Circle orange
White Circle pink
White Circle green
White Circle royal blue
White Circle purple
Dotted Circle red
Dotted Circle orange
Dotted Circle pink
Dotted Circle green
Dotted Circle royal blue
Dotted Circle purple