Square Symbols

List of Square signs, make over 59 square symbols text character.

Square SymbolSquare NameDecimalHex
Black Square■■
White Square□□
White Square With Rounded Corners▢▢
White Square Containing Black Small Square▣▣
Square With Horizontal Fill▤▤
Square With Vertical Fill▥▥
Square With Orthogonal Crosshatch Fill▦▦
Square With Upper Left To Lower Right Fill▧▧
Square With Upper Right To Lower Left Fill▨▨
Square With Diagonal Crosshatch Fill▩▩
Black Small Square▪▪
White Small Square▫▫
Square With Left Half Black◧◧
Square With Right Half Black◨◨
Square With Upper Left Diagonal Half Black◩◩
Square With Lower Right Diagonal Half Black◪◪
White Square With Vertical Bisecting Line◫◫
White Square With Upper Left Quadrant◰◰
White Square With Lower Left Quadrant◱◱
White Square With Lower Right Quadrant◲◲
Square SymbolSquare NameDecimalHex
White Square With Upper Right Quadrant◳◳
White Medium Square◻◻
Black Medium Square◼◼
White Medium Small Square◽◽
Black Medium Small Square◾◾
Squared Key⚿⚿
White Diamond In Square⛋⛋
Squared Saltire⛝⛝
Falling Diagonal In White Circle In Black Square⛞⛞
Square Four Corners⛶⛶
Cup On Black Square⛾⛾
Lower Right Drop-shadowed White Square❏❏
Upper Right Drop-shadowed White Square❐❐
Lower Right Shadowed White Square❑❑
Upper Right Shadowed White Square❒❒
Squared Logical And⟎⟎
Squared Logical Or⟏⟏
White Square With Leftwards Tick⟤⟤
White Square With Rightwards Tick⟥⟥
Squared Rising Diagonal Slash⧄⧄
Square SymbolSquare NameDecimalHex
Squared Falling Diagonal Slash⧅⧅
Squared Asterisk⧆⧆
Squared Small Circle⧇⧇
Squared Square⧈⧈
Two Joined Squares⧉⧉
Square With Contoured Outline⧠⧠
Error-barred White Square⧮⧮
Error-barred Black Square⧯⧯
Square With Top Half Black⬒⬒
Square With Bottom Half Black⬓⬓
Square With Upper Right Diagonal Half Black⬔⬔
Square With Lower Left Diagonal Half Black⬕⬕
Dotted Square⬚⬚
Black Large Square⬛⬛
White Large Square⬜⬜
Black Very Small Square⬝⬝
White Very Small Square⬞⬞
Black Square Centred⯀⯀
Square Position Indicator⯐⯐

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Square Symbol Preview Variations

Square SymbolColorItalic Symbol
Black Square red
Black Square orange
Black Square pink
Black Square green
Black Square royal blue
Black Square purple
White Square red
White Square orange
White Square pink
White Square green
White Square royal blue
White Square purple