Fraction Symbols

List of Fraction signs, make over 21 fraction symbols text character.

Fraction SymbolFraction NameDecimalHex
¼Vulgar Fraction One Quarter¼¼
½Vulgar Fraction One Half½½
¾Vulgar Fraction Three Quarters¾¾
Fraction Slash⁄⁄
Vulgar Fraction One Seventh⅐⅐
Vulgar Fraction One Ninth⅑⅑
Vulgar Fraction One Tenth⅒⅒
Vulgar Fraction One Third⅓⅓
Vulgar Fraction Two Thirds⅔⅔
Vulgar Fraction One Fifth⅕⅕
Vulgar Fraction Two Fifths⅖⅖
Vulgar Fraction Three Fifths⅗⅗
Vulgar Fraction Four Fifths⅘⅘
Vulgar Fraction One Sixth⅙⅙
Vulgar Fraction Five Sixths⅚⅚
Vulgar Fraction One Eighth⅛⅛
Vulgar Fraction Three Eighths⅜⅜
Vulgar Fraction Five Eighths⅝⅝
Vulgar Fraction Seven Eighths⅞⅞
Fraction Numerator One⅟⅟
Fraction SymbolFraction NameDecimalHex
Vulgar Fraction Zero Thirds↉↉

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Fraction Symbol Preview Variations

Fraction SymbolColorItalic Symbol
¼Vulgar Fraction One Quarter red¼
¼Vulgar Fraction One Quarter orange¼
¼Vulgar Fraction One Quarter pink¼
¼Vulgar Fraction One Quarter green¼
¼Vulgar Fraction One Quarter royal blue¼
¼Vulgar Fraction One Quarter purple¼
½Vulgar Fraction One Half red½
½Vulgar Fraction One Half orange½
½Vulgar Fraction One Half pink½
½Vulgar Fraction One Half green½
½Vulgar Fraction One Half royal blue½
½Vulgar Fraction One Half purple½