Division Sign Symbols

List of Division Sign signs, make over 8 division sign symbols text character.

Division Sign SymbolDivision Sign NameDecimalHex
÷Division Sign÷÷
Division Slash∕∕
Circled Division Slash⊘⊘
Division Times⋇⋇
Heavy Division Sign➗➗
Long Division⟌⟌
Circled Anticlockwise-rotated Division Sign⦼⦼
Circled Division Sign⨸⨸

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Division Sign Symbol Preview Variations

Division Sign SymbolColorItalic Symbol
÷Division Sign red÷
÷Division Sign orange÷
÷Division Sign pink÷
÷Division Sign green÷
÷Division Sign royal blue÷
÷Division Sign purple÷
Division Slash red
Division Slash orange
Division Slash pink
Division Slash green
Division Slash royal blue
Division Slash purple