How To Use Alt Code Characters

  1. Make sure that you switch on the Number Lock on your keyboard.
  2. Hold down the ALT key (left alt key).
  3. And type the number of which alt code you want to get.

Example 1

For example the decimal alt code of heart is 3
Press and hold the ALT key and type 3 then you will get

Example 2

For example the decimal alt code of one half is 171
Press and hold the ALT key and type 171 then you will get ½

Recent Comments

Joe Percy 2017-10-26 16:20:58

ALT+961 does not work for greek letter rho ρ
Is there an ALT code that does work?
ALT+961 brings ┴
ALT+0961 brings Á

How can this be?

Lynne 2017-10-08 11:18:50

Very useful. I use Windows 10 and Word 365. and all the codes work just fine.

it works in notepad 2017-10-05 15:24:34

║°║°║°║ ║°╚═╗

rob 2017-08-17 16:15:05

Nope. Doesn't work at all in Word 2010. Press the Alt key and it takes you out of word to Documents.

Sam 2017-08-11 16:38:09

I used to be able to use the ALT + 1, ALT + 2, etc. just fine and now when I try to type it on my browser and I cant get anything. I think there is something to reverse it back to normal?

Garry 2017-08-02 07:15:28

These codes do not work for me. I make then up to a four digit input, thus not [alt] + 1 but [alt] + 0001 and have no problems

Erik 2017-07-11 04:33:58

I found a couple of things that might help people.

- The Character Map that Mchan mentioned works great. If you're using Windows 8, just hit the Start Key and type “Character Map”. A box will come up with all the characters. You can select different fonts which change each character.

- I found that different keyboards may have an issue when holding down the ALT key. If you are using certain programs like Microsoft Word, pressing the ALT key will select the menu's hotkeys (File, Home, Insert, Share, etc). You need to hit the ALT key once, then hit it again and hold it down while selecting the numbers you choose. IE: Alt +1 = ☺, Alt+2 =☻, Alt +3 = ♥ and so on.

- If you are having a problem getting the Alt Code Characters to work in a web browser, I suggest using a Program like Microsoft Word (Not a Text Document) to create them in and then copy and paste them where you want.

Hyatt 2017-06-16 08:59:16

I tried but nothing happened. Now I realised that my notebook doesn't have num pads ;)

Johnny 2017-06-14 23:15:21

What is the code for 7/8

Silvia 2017-05-23 02:28:55

All of a sudden I am having problems getting the "ñ" in my facebook comments. The same as Debbie, I just get a "Do you want to stay" or "Do you want to leave" response. All other alt signs work, except the small "ñ". It also works on all other programs. Can anyone help me?

♠♣♦■■╥√♥♥ <3 ◘•♦○↓←↔↑→ 2017-05-08 14:22:22

♠♣♦■■╥√♥♥ <3 ◘•♦○↓←↔↑→

mchan 2017-04-28 23:27:27

REMINDER: These codes can be found by going to Start Menu, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Character Map.

Platy 2017-04-22 03:13:10

Just a reminder that in most pcs the number must be on the number pad at the right of the keyboard

Keith 2017-04-21 19:05:52

Alt 0190 for 3/4

Susana Bottiglieri 2017-04-21 02:32:48

The m (109) doesn't work for me.

adrian 2017-04-02 05:37:50

à and ¢ ?

reply 2017-03-29 22:22:22

Debbie, are you using NumLk?

O_O 2017-03-29 22:18:10

how do you get ᴥ

Masecannon 2017-02-07 18:23:45

When i hold ALT and try to type in the code 2013 all it does is makes me press the undo button.

E 2017-01-27 13:50:28

It doesn't work for me.

Vince 2017-01-26 01:08:40

The issue with characters is historical. In increasing processing power from 8 to 16 to 32 to 64 bit computing, more characters became available. From 127 to 256 to 65,000. The first set was called American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) Then we went to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) then to the Unicode system (65,000)
I put characters in to 3 loose categories in the Windows environment. Symbols, Wingdings and other fonts that I call Normal (excluding specialty font sets). In a Normal font set Alt 188 (ASCII) and Alt 0188 (ANSI) will give different characters (╝ compared to ¼). If we choose Alt 0169 in Normal we get ©, in Symbol we get a heart and in Wingdings we get a 3 pointed star.
Hope that helps, by the way Microsoft use the term Font for a character sets (ie Times New Roman) and the rest of the world use the word Typeface. Technically a font is a subset of a typeface (eg italic, bold)

♀♥♦Female♦♥♀ 2017-01-05 19:18:29

I knew this for ages ☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○♂♀♪♫☼►◄↕‼¶§▬↨↑↓→←∟↔▲▼ !"½╡yâ┐í╝ä╢]

RonMcG 2017-01-02 22:59:46

Some codes vary depending on the font you are using. Go through the Character Map to see what is available and what the code is. I keep a short cut on my desktop and use it when I need a special symbol.

☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○◙♂♀♪♫☼►◄↕‼¶§▬↑↓→←∟↔▲▼éâäàåçê 2016-12-26 19:11:13


rutopia 2016-12-13 16:00:09

alt 3 does not work in g+

DOTA @ STEAM 2016-12-01 05:01:06

How to do a sun and yin yang alt code?

ERIC 2016-11-21 21:07:38


Donglin Huang 2016-10-21 07:26:35

Be careful of these codes. These are the base codes and are not the extended codes.
ý (Alt 0253) is different to ² (Alt 253). Like the degree symbol (°)is an extended code.
But these codes can be easily found by going to Start Menu, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Character Map. Select the symbol you want and at the bottom it tells you the Keystroke to get this symbol (Alt+0176. Note this is using the number keypad only for the numbers).

Debbie 2016-10-19 21:42:01

I've read through all these comments and although when I did the google search it showed that the answer I needed would be here because they showed the question. However, it is not. My alt + codes had been working just fine. I don't know what I typed (typing too fast) that now when I do the code it doesn't work. As soon as I press 1 and a pop-up window says "Leave or stay on page" Can anyone help? I have to use the alt keys a lot. Thanks!

Sandy 2016-10-14 14:41:55

I am unable to find the alt code for 3/4 because the alt +0190 doesn't give me the 3/4 symbol. Please give the correct alt code for this symbol.

anonymous 2016-09-25 13:47:09

how do i make he codes that have &# and ; in them???

Kilek 2016-09-19 10:41:08

If i do press Alt+236 i get this symbol ý
and not ∞
I dont understand why

Ko.Basker 2016-09-04 14:56:18

I want to get the method to use into mark symbol

lolz thx 2016-08-31 14:16:52


lolz thx 2016-08-31 14:16:15


Blog 2016-08-17 21:32:38

YAY! Thank you so much!♥♡❤❥❦❣

jayant parikh 2016-08-09 05:20:56

the information on use of alternate code was very useful

Tanberg 2016-08-01 18:52:17

How do I type a symbol for a mobilphone?

Jez 2016-07-27 12:51:04

How do I find @ on an ACER Aspire Cloudbook 11 ?

Cecil 2016-07-24 05:35:37

I have Windows 7 and WORD 2013 and none of the ALT_Codes work. I tried with NumLock on and off. Anybody else have this problem?

Lu 2016-07-22 19:29:13

There was a shortcut to make the symbol larger and smaller using a combo of keys or maybe even an F key. Anyone know?

2016-07-21 23:30:17


Websun 2016-07-08 22:21:42

If your program has a colour icon for characters, like in Word or Thunderbird, just selct your character colour and type on.

Websun 2016-07-08 22:18:46

I had trouble getting anything until I learned to release both buttons quickly after I had tapped the number.
In some programs it doesn't matter if the num lock is on or off. In word it does.

2016-06-19 23:24:03

i can't type it because when i use the code nothing happens :-( but I can type an

TheHTML5Ninja 2016-06-09 18:30:15

████ ▓██▓
▓███ ███▒
▓███░ ███████████▓██░
▒███▒ ▒▓▓▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▓███
░███▒ ▒███
████▓█████▓▓█ ▓███
███▓ ▒██████ ███▓
████ ▒▓▓▓▒░ ███▓
▓███▒ ▒███▒

Alicia 2016-06-03 18:11:26

I need to Type the Phone Symbol for Calibri Font

π 2016-05-28 19:00:51


Barbara 2016-05-25 18:00:08

I need help please. I don`t want to use diacritics but sometimes I must press the wrong keys and get into a diacritic keyboard option. I need to know what I`m doing wrong, and how to get my normal keyboard back. i.e. when I want an `at` sign, I get " instead. What am I doing to cause this and how do I correct itÉ see, I can`t even type a question mark. thanks in advance for any help

Tim Steinert 2016-05-17 22:59:31

The MOST important thing that is NOT said in the instructions is you must follow all the directions AND enter your numbers from the NUMBER PAD on the right side of your keyboard!

IDK 2016-05-15 23:06:42

It still doesn't work for some reason and is the num lock supposed to be locked or no?

('{}')/ 2016-05-11 22:44:34

my number lock isn't working

sophie 2016-04-30 00:38:08

when I use the number it doesn't gave me what it surpose to help me please

HANNAKIN SKYWALKER 2016-04-20 17:42:25


noname 2016-04-12 13:25:21

ATL 113117121

Anonymous 2016-04-10 18:37:08

I can't find the number lock on my keyboard, so this is what it looks like.

Amy 2016-04-08 00:53:28

Do you guys know how to do this on a tablet? Preferably an iPad? I really don't want to download an app, thanks ♫♥☺

Joe 2016-04-05 01:18:06

Hey Deb, you'll have to change your keyboard preference, most likely you have the Canadian French, just switch to English Canada, or wherever you live

Deb 2016-04-03 15:28:41

How can I fix my keyboard - this is what Ièm getting (I donèt have apostrophe - I get the accented letters instead)

question mark is É == if anyone has the answer - tx in advance!

jacky 2016-04-02 03:13:33


anonymous 2016-04-02 03:13:07

Ü▐o♣!♥♠☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘☼? ƒX○

George B 2016-03-29 19:14:33

I`ve got a N53JN mini keyboard and I don`t know how to get the at symbol for sending email messages

JS 2016-03-23 05:44:26

I haven't been able to use Alt codes for a while because whenever I press Alt, my computer focuses on a menu. In word, it displays numbers over menu items, and if I press an alt code, it will do the menu thing instead. In Firefox, it shows the menu bar. Is there a way to disable the function so I can use alt for the number codes?

Thank you!

WilCrow 2016-03-09 16:58:35

Seriously i have no clue how to do it, I simply use Ctrl C & Ctrl V ...

Angelique 2016-02-08 12:16:02

Do any one know the shift key for 3/4. I used Alt 243 but it's not working anymore

Boyd Smith 2016-02-08 05:41:12

Yes, Kiki,... you are correct! WITHOUT a (separated-to-the-right) 10-key number-pad on your computer,.... YOU CAN USE THE ALPHA-CHARACTERS, which are designated with very tiny numbers on them,.. but NOT the top-row 'numeric' characters. ( 7,8,9,act as themselves).
These are the designations: J=1,.. K=2,.. L=3,.. U=4,.. I=5,.. O=6,.. 7=7,.. 8=8,.. 9=9,.. M=0 .

Of course, you must still first turn-on the 'Num-Lock' key.
On one of my keyboards this is located on the top row along with other 'F' keys.

But on another keyboard there is NO 'Num-Lock' key,..
HOWEVER, the F11 key has a tiny 'keypad-icon' printed 'on' it,...
and also the same keypad-icon is printed directly below it.

And when I press the 'FN' button (located at the bottom-left of the keyboard, next to the CTRL key),.... the tiny icon below F11 lights-up in green.
THIS indicates that the 'alpha-character-numbers' (i.e., J=1,..etc..) is 'enabled'.

And if I press F11 while holding-down FN,.. then the tiny-keypad-icon STAYS-ON. (equivalent to 'enabling' Num-Lock).
I can turn-off (toggle-off) this 'alpha-character-Num-Lock' icon-lite,.. by again holding-down FN, while pressing F11.

I can also use FN only (one-time-use) without F11,,,, IF I hold it down together with 'Alt', .. while entering the symbol-code I want to use.

For example, to type the British 'pound' symbol,...
-- With Num-Lock enabled,....Press-and-hold 'Alt' + entering 1, ..5, ..6
... release and .. £ (there you have it!)

-- Without Num-Lock Key,.... Press FN,.. and then press F11 to enable
Then Press-and-hold 'Alt' + entering 1,.. 5, .. 6,.... release.
Press-and-hold both 'FN' and 'Alt' + entering 1,.. 5,.. 6.

Hope this helps!

- Boyd Smith

DaEpic 2016-01-24 19:22:16

hi this isn't working for me i have a mac OS X can someone please tell me why it wont work and/or how to fix it so it does work?

Vernon B 2016-01-14 13:17:38

How do I find the Alt codes for geometric tolerance symbols?

Jann 2016-01-07 08:10:26

Hi dude, I think you should warn the computer users for this. Alt + number methods works based on your system's language encoding. So if your language is not set to English on the computer you'd get something else instead. So the best way to get those safely on the net is to check the unicode encode for the characters and then use &amp;number_here; like &amp;1234; instead. Also, in that way some symbols can be called out by its given shortcut names like &amp;deg; gives the degree character and &amp;pound; gives the GB Pound character. :)

Smith 2016-01-05 02:52:27

D: How do we get those without using number lock? D; I need to use one of them for homework and I can't continue without one of those signs. Please help!

?? ₪ ?? 2015-12-27 06:54:39

₪ code ??

Interhigher1 2015-12-14 10:45:33

How do i get the colour red

Ela 2015-12-04 18:49:09

how to use the codes in such a mac keyboard which is not having numlock??is there any other method??

Mireia 2015-12-02 15:52:11

Is there an ALT code to obtain a small PIG?or a PIG face?

Thank you!

David D 2015-11-21 09:43:50

Is there an Alt key for the ellipse? ...

Derp 2015-10-22 20:23:25

How do you do the alt codes on a mac keyboard that doesnt have Num lock?

CG 2015-10-19 02:15:35

I'm using Microsoft word 2007, but on Windows 8.
My alt symbols were working and have now suddenly stopped. Num lock is not on... is there some other way that I turned it off by accident??

kenzi 2015-10-16 02:25:52

i try to do alt with number lock but it wont work i do alt and 3 and it wont work why?

lotte 2015-10-12 15:33:27

how you change your settings to number lock?

Carol H 2015-09-29 18:01:54

I cannot get a red heart with alt+3. I get a tiny red heart in a box. This seems to be a relatively new occurrence. I even updated my keyboard software, but still cannot access the regular alt+3 big red heart.

kathe 2015-09-26 10:19:56

I turned on number lock hit alt it wont work how do I enable my alt key

Bizz0 2015-09-25 19:52:57

Hello, can anybody tell me how to make an accolade?

Kristina 2015-09-22 21:30:45

ALT0182 gives me ¶, just like ALT20 gives me ¶, why the different codes for the same character?

Kiki 2015-09-15 04:18:32

Just found this post. I got it to work for me.
I have an Acer Aspire 6920 and on my Non-number pad keyboard I used the numbers next to the letters..
Not the numbers in a row across the top, but the numbers located on my keyboard next to the m,j,k,l,u,i,o,8 and 9.
Those #'s are blue (on my keys) and I guess they serve the purpose of the number pad, so I pressed the Fn button to activate them (blue #'s) and then I pressed the NumLk key (which is on my F11 key) to put it in number lock.. I typed in one of the numbers using those keys and it worked. I guess if anyone has these on their key board they could try it-hope this works for someone else!

Niya 2015-09-10 13:46:27


2015-09-03 22:24:01

if you do not have a number pad then it wont work, it needs to be num locked number pad keys, the numbers above the letters will not work. there is no work-around i'm aware of either, unless you plug a keyboard in with a numpad.

Carrie 2015-09-01 18:49:40

I've looked through these posts, and it seems many others have the same problem I have. THE KEYBOARD DOES NOT HAVE THE NUMBER PAD TO THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE KEYBOARD, ONLY THE NUMBERS AT THE TOP. Therefore, when anyone says "you must press the number lock key and use the number pad" does not help since the equipment does not exist. So far I have not seen an answer to this dilemma. Is there one? Did I miss it when I looked through the list of posts?

PC 2015-09-01 15:01:25

I am looking forward to type "is not equal to sign"
The Alt code key is 8800 but the sign which appears is ` (accent)

How can I solve this problem?

Thank you

Kayla 2015-08-26 21:30:22

Im getting a lot different symbols than what I'm supposed to get on my mac. And i think that you need to at least show us how to turn number lock on and off on our computer whether it is a pc or a mac.

Seek 2015-08-13 20:52:33

how do you type in "■" symbol on a macbook? (i copied it from somewhere else)

ClaretHouse 2015-08-03 17:35:35

Sirs ~
Typing Alt-130 gets me a box with a circle inside, not the 'a'-accent-acute I need - and is presented here.
Other times, with other alts, I am presented with a box asking me if I want to stay or leave the page.
Why, please?
Thank you.

Ed J (LVA) 2015-07-29 20:50:19

Is there a code for the check mark?

Adolph 2015-07-24 12:04:04

I am on Windows 8.1 and traying to type the "at" symbol used in the e'mails. The computer is "Acer" I have lock numbers key and works with some symblos like ☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○ but I do not get the "at" symbol I need. Please. help.

Ritag49 2015-07-14 23:56:32

I have an old Windows Vista Home Premium, turning OFF the number lock works for me.

Melody 2015-06-23 22:54:47

For those who can't find num lock, If you are on a laptop, there is probably some function to turn it on with random key presses

KT 2015-05-19 23:03:45

☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○◙♂♀♪♫☼►◄↕‼ Using alt +No 1 thru 19 Using the number keypad (ten key style) usually located to the right side of the keyboard. Press Num lock to on (located above the 7 on mine and my light shows green when on) then hold alt (both alt keys may work, using alt on right side may make a difference?) key and number key at the same time, release keys and symbol should appear. here alt 1 thru 12 again... ☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○◙♂♀ ive gone way up into the 100's and 1000's just playing around to see what appears... and then there is Google which can usually find the "alt key codes" for all types of devices. Happy Code searching... ;)

User 2015-05-16 20:35:00

Does it work on the iPad?

petitepoulette 2015-04-25 20:22:58

So, if we should only stick to the Number Pad, then how do I do the more complicated codes that include "&" and "#" These require I use the other Number Keys. (I'm trying to use these on YT).

gernika 2015-04-23 00:17:59

I have a HP laptop running Windows 7. I do not have number lock and number pad either, only the numbers above the letters. This is an american computer, I am taking clases in spanish to learn basque, so I need symbols such as: , . / : : ( ) ! ? but when I change the language of the computer from english to spanish most of them disappear Can somebody help me?

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