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We are 3 curious people, whom grow up with Ms-dos and Commodore personel computers, with black screens. As the internet starts to shine like a star, we decide to make alt-codes.net as a simple source of alt codes and basic symbols.

We launched alt-codes.net in 2007.
We did 4 major updates mainly focused on website interface and new symbols.

We'd be glad to hear your ideas or suggestions, and we're looking for receiving a feedback from you.

We hope you enjoy our alt codes and symbols website.


Recent Comments

Wisanu 2016-09-27 12:14:34

Use the up and down keys to highlight an entry. Press Enter or 'b' to boot. Press 'c' for a commend-line.

Avihai 2016-08-17 04:21:04

Thank you for creating and maintaining this very useful site! (=

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