Equal Symbols

List of Equal signs, make over 100 equal symbols text character.

Equal SymbolEqual NameDecimalHex
=Equals Sign==
͇Combining Equals Sign Below͇͇
͌Combining Almost Equal To Above͌͌
Superscript Equals Sign⁼⁼
Subscript Equals Sign₌₌
Asymptotically Equal To≃≃
Not Asymptotically Equal To≄≄
Approximately Equal To≅≅
Approximately But Not Actually Equal To≆≆
Neither Approximately Nor Actually Equal To≇≇
Almost Equal To≈≈
Not Almost Equal To≉≉
Almost Equal Or Equal To≊≊
All Equal To≌≌
Geometrically Equal To≑≑
Approximately Equal To Or The Image Of≒≒
Image Of Or Approximately Equal To≓≓
Colon Equals≔≔
Equals Colon≕≕
Ring In Equal To≖≖
Equal SymbolEqual NameDecimalHex
Ring Equal To≗≗
Star Equals≛≛
Delta Equal To≜≜
Equal To By Definition≝≝
Questioned Equal To≟≟
Not Equal To≠≠
Precedes Or Equal To≼≼
Succeeds Or Equal To≽≽
Subset Of Or Equal To⊆⊆
Superset Of Or Equal To⊇⊇
Neither A Subset Of Nor Equal To⊈⊈
Neither A Superset Of Nor Equal To⊉⊉
Subset Of With Not Equal To⊊⊊
Superset Of With Not Equal To⊋⊋
Square Image Of Or Equal To⊑⊑
Square Original Of Or Equal To⊒⊒
Circled Equals⊜⊜
Normal Subgroup Of Or Equal To⊴⊴
Contains As Normal Subgroup Or Equal To⊵⊵
Reversed Tilde Equals⋍⋍
Equal SymbolEqual NameDecimalHex
Equal And Parallel To⋕⋕
Equal To Or Precedes⋞⋞
Equal To Or Succeeds⋟⋟
Does Not Precede Or Equal⋠⋠
Does Not Succeed Or Equal⋡⋡
Not Square Image Of Or Equal To⋢⋢
Not Square Original Of Or Equal To⋣⋣
Square Image Of Or Not Equal To⋤⋤
Square Original Of Or Not Equal To⋥⋥
Not Normal Subgroup Of Or Equal To⋬⋬
Does Not Contain As Normal Subgroup Or Equal⋭⋭
Apl Functional Symbol Quad Equal⌸⌸
Apl Functional Symbol Quad Not Equal⍯⍯
Equals Sign Above Rightwards Arrow⥱⥱
Rightwards Arrow Above Almost Equal To⥵⥵
Equals Sign And Slanted Parallel⧣⧣
Equals Sign And Slanted Parallel With Tilde Above⧤⧤
Equals Sign With Dot Below⩦⩦
Equals With Asterisk⩮⩮
Almost Equal To With Circumflex Accent⩯⩯
Equal SymbolEqual NameDecimalHex
Approximately Equal Or Equal To⩰⩰
Equals Sign Above Plus Sign⩱⩱
Plus Sign Above Equals Sign⩲⩲
Equals Sign Above Tilde Operator⩳⩳
Double Colon Equal⩴⩴
Two Consecutive Equals Signs⩵⩵
Three Consecutive Equals Signs⩶⩶
Equals Sign With Two Dots Above And Two Dots Below⩷⩷
Smaller Than Or Equal To⪬⪬
Larger Than Or Equal To⪭⪭
Equals Sign With Bumpy Above⪮⪮
Precedes Above Single-line Equals Sign⪯⪯
Succeeds Above Single-line Equals Sign⪰⪰
Precedes Above Single-line Not Equal To⪱⪱
Succeeds Above Single-line Not Equal To⪲⪲
Precedes Above Equals Sign⪳⪳
Succeeds Above Equals Sign⪴⪴
Precedes Above Not Equal To⪵⪵
Succeeds Above Not Equal To⪶⪶
Precedes Above Almost Equal To⪷⪷
Equal SymbolEqual NameDecimalHex
Succeeds Above Almost Equal To⪸⪸
Precedes Above Not Almost Equal To⪹⪹
Succeeds Above Not Almost Equal To⪺⪺
Subset Of Or Equal To With Dot Above⫃⫃
Superset Of Or Equal To With Dot Above⫄⫄
Subset Of Above Equals Sign⫅⫅
Superset Of Above Equals Sign⫆⫆
Subset Of Above Almost Equal To⫉⫉
Superset Of Above Almost Equal To⫊⫊
Subset Of Above Not Equal To⫋⫋
Superset Of Above Not Equal To⫌⫌
Closed Subset Or Equal To⫑⫑
Closed Superset Or Equal To⫒⫒
Equals Sign Above Leftwards Arrow⭀⭀
Leftwards Arrow Above Reverse Almost Equal To⭂⭂
Rightwards Arrow Above Reverse Almost Equal To⭈⭈
Leftwards Arrow Above Almost Equal To⭊⭊
Modifier Letter Short Equals Sign꞊꞊
Small Equals Sign﹦﹦
Fullwidth Equals Sign==

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Equal Symbol Preview Variations

Equal SymbolColorItalic Symbol
=Equals Sign red=
=Equals Sign orange=
=Equals Sign pink=
=Equals Sign green=
=Equals Sign royal blue=
=Equals Sign purple=
͇Combining Equals Sign Below red͇
͇Combining Equals Sign Below orange͇
͇Combining Equals Sign Below pink͇
͇Combining Equals Sign Below green͇
͇Combining Equals Sign Below royal blue͇
͇Combining Equals Sign Below purple͇