Plus Sign Symbols

List of Plus Sign signs, make over 32 plus sign symbols text character.

Plus Sign SymbolPlus Sign NameDecimalHex
+Plus Sign++
±Plus-minus Sign±±
˖Modifier Letter Plus Sign˖˖
̟Combining Plus Sign Below̟̟
Canadian Syllabics Final Plusᐩᐩ
Superscript Plus Sign⁺⁺
Subscript Plus Sign₊₊
Minus-or-plus Sign∓∓
Dot Plus∔∔
Circled Plus⊕⊕
Squared Plus⊞⊞
Heavy Plus Sign➕➕
Double Plus⧺⧺
Triple Plus⧻⧻
N-ary Circled Plus Operator⨁⨁
N-ary Union Operator With Plus⨄⨄
Plus Sign With Small Circle Above⨢⨢
Plus Sign With Circumflex Accent Above⨣⨣
Plus Sign With Tilde Above⨤⨤
Plus Sign With Dot Below⨥⨥
Plus Sign SymbolPlus Sign NameDecimalHex
Plus Sign With Tilde Below⨦⨦
Plus Sign With Subscript Two⨧⨧
Plus Sign With Black Triangle⨨⨨
Plus Sign In Left Half Circle⨭⨭
Plus Sign In Right Half Circle⨮⨮
Plus Sign In Triangle⨹⨹
Equals Sign Above Plus Sign⩱⩱
Plus Sign Above Equals Sign⩲⩲
⪿Subset With Plus Sign Below⪿⪿
Superset With Plus Sign Below⫀⫀
Small Plus Sign﹢﹢
Fullwidth Plus Sign++

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Plus Sign Symbol Preview Variations

Plus Sign SymbolColorItalic Symbol
+Plus Sign red+
+Plus Sign orange+
+Plus Sign pink+
+Plus Sign green+
+Plus Sign royal blue+
+Plus Sign purple+
±Plus-minus Sign red±
±Plus-minus Sign orange±
±Plus-minus Sign pink±
±Plus-minus Sign green±
±Plus-minus Sign royal blue±
±Plus-minus Sign purple±