Greater Than Symbols

List of Greater Than signs, make over 43 greater than symbols text character.

Greater Than SymbolGreater Than NameDecimalHex
>Greater-than Sign>>
Greater-than Or Equal To≥≥
Greater-than Over Equal To≧≧
Greater-than But Not Equal To≩≩
Much Greater-than≫≫
Not Greater-than≯≯
Neither Greater-than Nor Equal To≱≱
Greater-than Or Equivalent To≳≳
Neither Greater-than Nor Equivalent To≵≵
Greater-than With Dot⋗⋗
Very Much Greater-than⋙⋙
Equal To Or Greater-than⋝⋝
Greater-than But Not Equivalent To⋧⋧
Apl Functional Symbol Quad Greater-than⍄⍄
Apl Functional Symbol Greater-than Diaeresis⍩⍩
Greater-than Above Rightwards Arrow⥸⥸
Right Arc Greater-than Bracket⦔⦔
Double Left Arc Greater-than Bracket⦕⦕
Circled Greater-than⧁⧁
Greater-than With Circle Inside⩺⩺
Greater Than SymbolGreater Than NameDecimalHex
Greater-than With Question Mark Above⩼⩼
Greater-than Or Slanted Equal To⩾⩾
Greater-than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Inside⪀⪀
Greater-than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Above⪂⪂
Greater-than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Above Left⪄⪄
Greater-than Or Approximate⪆⪆
Greater-than And Single-line Not Equal To⪈⪈
Greater-than And Not Approximate⪊⪊
Greater-than Above Similar Or Equal⪎⪎
Slanted Equal To Or Greater-than⪖⪖
Slanted Equal To Or Greater-than With Dot Inside⪘⪘
Double-line Equal To Or Greater-than⪚⪚
Double-line Slanted Equal To Or Greater-than⪜⪜
Similar Or Greater-than⪞⪞
Similar Above Greater-than Above Equals Sign⪠⪠
Double Nested Greater-than⪢⪢
Greater-than Closed By Curve⪧⪧
Greater-than Closed By Curve Above Slanted Equal⪩⪩
Triple Nested Greater-than⫸⫸
Double-line Slanted Greater-than Or Equal To⫺⫺
Greater Than SymbolGreater Than NameDecimalHex
Rightwards Arrow Through Greater-than⭃⭃
Small Greater-than Sign﹥﹥
Fullwidth Greater-than Sign>>

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Greater Than Symbol Preview Variations

Greater Than SymbolColorItalic Symbol
>Greater-than Sign red>
>Greater-than Sign orange>
>Greater-than Sign pink>
>Greater-than Sign green>
>Greater-than Sign royal blue>
>Greater-than Sign purple>
Greater-than Or Equal To red
Greater-than Or Equal To orange
Greater-than Or Equal To pink
Greater-than Or Equal To green
Greater-than Or Equal To royal blue
Greater-than Or Equal To purple