Pi Symbol alt codes

Pi symbol copy and paste

Want the copy and paste the pi symbol into your document? Use one of these Pi Symbol alt codes below, and you can have it turn up in a matter of seconds:

Pi symbolDescriptionDecimal CodeHexNamed
ΠGreek capital letter piΠΠΠ
πGreek small letter piπππ
ϖGreek piϖϖϖ
𝜫Mathematical bold italic capital pi𝜫𝜫
𝝅Mathematical bold italic small pi𝝅𝝅
𝝥Mathematical sans-serif bold capital pi𝝥𝝥
𝝿Mathematical sans-serif bold small pi𝝿𝝿
𝞟Mathematical sans-serif bold italic capital pi𝞟𝞟
𝞹Mathematical sans-serif bold italic small pi𝞹𝞹
ПCyrillic capital letter piПП
пCyrillic small letter piпп
n-ary product pi∏∏∏
n-ary coproduct pi∐∐

The history of the pi symbol

The pi symbol has been around for as long as 4,000 years by mathematicians, and it started in the Babylon era. It started with trying to figure out the area of a circle. Before pi, they calculated three times the square radius of a circle which would equal 3. However, the Egyptians came back with something more precise at the value of 3.1605.

The symbol of pi was then devised by a British mathematician called William Jones in 1706. Followed by Leonhard Euler, they found that the digits do not repeat, and that is when they came to the approximation of 3.14 that is used in today's calculations.

Pi code symbol usage

Since the pi symbol has been developed, it has been used in various forms of mathematical problems. It is no longer used just for the circumference of a circle but rather for finding out the lengths of arcs, areas of ellipses, sectors, and various other curved surfaces.

Instead of having to type out the whole 3.14 digits each time a mathematician is describing pi, they now use a simple symbol: π. It makes every equation much easier and is now taught in schools and colleges worldwide.

Pi symbol alt codes

If you’re ever using your keyboard and want to use the pi symbol for a mathematic equation, you may have tried to figure out how to add it to your document. Luckily, it really isn’t that hard. There are also various different codes of the pi symbols. They all have the same meaning but may look slightly different.

The easiest way to get the alt code into your document is by using your alt key + 0960. However, this isn’t the easiest way, and you can actually copy and paste the symbol by using one of our shortcuts.