Playing Cards Symbols

Complete list of playing cards symbols 52 card variants.

SymbolPlaying card NameUnicode Number
🂠Playing Card Back🂠
🂡Playing Card Ace Of Spades🂡
🂢Playing Card Two Of Spades🂢
🂣Playing Card Three Of Spades🂣
🂤Playing Card Four Of Spades🂤
🂥Playing Card Five Of Spades🂥
🂦Playing Card Six Of Spades🂦
🂧Playing Card Seven Of Spades🂧
🂨Playing Card Eight Of Spades🂨
🂩Playing Card Nine Of Spades🂩
🂪Playing Card Ten Of Spades🂪
🂫Playing Card Jack Of Spades🂫
🂬Playing Card Knight Of Spades🂬
🂭Playing Card Queen Of Spades🂭
🂮Playing Card King Of Spades🂮
🂱Playing Card Ace Of Hearts🂱
🂲Playing Card Two Of Hearts🂲
🂳Playing Card Three Of Hearts🂳
🂴Playing Card Four Of Hearts🂴
🂵Playing Card Five Of Hearts🂵
🂶Playing Card Six Of Hearts🂶
SymbolPlaying card NameUnicode Number
🂷Playing Card Seven Of Hearts🂷
🂸Playing Card Eight Of Hearts🂸
🂹Playing Card Nine Of Hearts🂹
🂺Playing Card Ten Of Hearts🂺
🂻Playing Card Jack Of Hearts🂻
🂼Playing Card Knight Of Hearts🂼
🂽Playing Card Queen Of Hearts🂽
🂾Playing Card King Of Hearts🂾
🂿Playing Card Red Joker🂿
🃁Playing Card Ace Of Diamonds🃁
🃂Playing Card Two Of Diamonds🃂
🃃Playing Card Three Of Diamonds🃃
🃄Playing Card Four Of Diamonds🃄
🃅Playing Card Five Of Diamonds🃅
🃆Playing Card Six Of Diamonds🃆
🃇Playing Card Seven Of Diamonds🃇
🃈Playing Card Eight Of Diamonds🃈
🃉Playing Card Nine Of Diamonds🃉
🃊Playing Card Ten Of Diamonds🃊
🃋Playing Card Jack Of Diamonds🃋
🃌Playing Card Knight Of Diamonds🃌
SymbolPlaying card NameUnicode Number
🃍Playing Card Queen Of Diamonds🃍
🃎Playing Card King Of Diamonds🃎
🃏Playing Card Black Joker🃏
🃑Playing Card Ace Of Clubs🃑
🃒Playing Card Two Of Clubs🃒
🃓Playing Card Three Of Clubs🃓
🃔Playing Card Four Of Clubs🃔
🃕Playing Card Five Of Clubs🃕
🃖Playing Card Six Of Clubs🃖
🃗Playing Card Seven Of Clubs🃗
🃘Playing Card Eight Of Clubs🃘
🃙Playing Card Nine Of Clubs🃙
🃚Playing Card Ten Of Clubs🃚
🃛Playing Card Jack Of Clubs🃛
🃜Playing Card Knight Of Clubs🃜
🃝Playing Card Queen Of Clubs🃝
🃞Playing Card King Of Clubs🃞
🃟Playing Card White Joker🃟
🃠Playing Card Fool🃠
🃡Playing Card Trump-1🃡
🃢Playing Card Trump-2🃢
SymbolPlaying card NameUnicode Number
🃣Playing Card Trump-3🃣
🃤Playing Card Trump-4🃤
🃥Playing Card Trump-5🃥
🃦Playing Card Trump-6🃦
🃧Playing Card Trump-7🃧
🃨Playing Card Trump-8🃨
🃩Playing Card Trump-9🃩
🃪Playing Card Trump-10🃪
🃫Playing Card Trump-11🃫
🃬Playing Card Trump-12🃬
🃭Playing Card Trump-13🃭
🃮Playing Card Trump-14🃮
🃯Playing Card Trump-15🃯
🃰Playing Card Trump-16🃰
🃱Playing Card Trump-17🃱
🃲Playing Card Trump-18🃲
🃳Playing Card Trump-19🃳
🃴Playing Card Trump-20🃴
🃵Playing Card Trump-21🃵

Just copy and paste the playing card sign or use the unicode hex number.