German Alphabet Special Characters

German alphabet letters special characters alt codes.

Symbol Number
Symbol Number

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jand w 2017-12-17 21:53:13

is there any reason i can't use these symbols in an extra-secure password?

thanks for the info on this site--very helpful and new to me!

Wiedokind 2017-11-29 12:03:10

Thats actually not correct.
In print the ß is used.
The only time it is replaced (officially) by SS is when it is used as capial letter as there was no capital form of ß.
Interestingly recetly a capital form was introduced.

Justin Trudeau 2017-11-10 10:04:28

you have been helping me typing and doing symbols

J. S. Bach 2017-08-21 19:14:56

The "ß" is/was used on traffic signs with "Einbahnstraße" "one way street".

Gerda 2017-04-18 05:03:12

Do these German alphabet characters only work with Microsoft Word, or also with the OpenOffice program?

Dorothea 2017-04-17 18:57:19

In German print you never use the so called "sz",( the one that looks like a "B"); it is only used in handwriting. In print the "sz" is always replaced by double "s" i.e. ss.

LUMOS-NOX 2016-11-22 19:30:02


Person 2016-10-18 21:16:31

Only the äÄ üÜ öÖ and ß are German. The rest are other languages. Helpful though! Danke für da!

i don't know 2016-09-14 15:08:01

thank you so much for making this!

axyl 2016-04-09 04:18:40

what is name axy

Random 2016-03-19 02:27:38

Awesome I go to german school and use a translator for my homework and before this I had no idea how to do the special characters. Thanks!!! :)

Roland 2016-03-04 16:39:44

c with a v over it. Slavic

R 2016-01-25 19:49:45

I wish I could make a European number 7 with the crossbow

Your Name 2015-10-26 13:08:49

No, we do not use the ø/Ø in sweden, such weird symbols only norwgians and danish people'll use ...

SC PL 2015-10-23 14:24:05

Here you have a Polish one:

ę ó ą ś ł ż ź ć ń

Anonymous Coward 2015-08-03 00:36:42

The ones you need for German are Ä Ö Ü ä ö ü ß and they're a lot easier to type if you activate the US International keyboard layout, if it isn't the default layout already.

Type umlauts by first typing " and then the letter. Type ß by holding AltGr and typing an s.

Some guy 2015-04-07 07:41:52

On most phones, you can hold the corresponding letter and a small menu with the accented characters will appear.

Jalia 2015-04-02 10:07:49

How do you do these on a Android phone?

Jordan DeBono 2015-01-30 08:40:35

Who cares if extra alt-codes are given? All the better if anything. I came here and found exactly what I was looking for, so thanks!

№ Name 2015-01-05 14:19:54

That's a great List ,but in german there are only : Ä Ö Ü ä ö ü and the ß

ğ , ë , ø , ş , ÿ , å , æ and the big/tall letters of them are in other languages ,like turkish,norwegian and swedisch

Sorry for my bad english ,i'm german ,thanks | Danke

Chris 2014-11-05 12:39:02

They plug in other Germanic language codes here as well, for example, Norwegian/Swedish uses ø/Ø

Richard Norwood 2014-09-25 17:47:02

I'm grateful for these, but I haven't actually seen most of them in print in German, including 134, 0240, 0248, 0254, 152, 143, 0208, 0216, 0222.
Thank you.

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