Chess Symbols

There 6 different kinds of pieces in the game of chess each with 2 different colors. Below you can find them all with their Unicode Hex and HTML Dec Code values. You can copy & paste chess piece symbols anywhere you like, or you can use their code values on your web page design, or computer programing. For more information about the game of chess please visit

Piece SignPiece NameUnicode HexHTML Dec Code
White KingU+2654&#9812
White QueenU+2655&#9813
White RookU+2656&#9814
White BishopU+2657&#9815
White KnightU+2658&#9816
White PawnU+2659&#9817
Black KingU+265A&#9818
Black QueenU+265B&#9819
Black RookU+265C&#9820
Black BishopU+265D&#9821
Black KnightU+265E&#9822
Black PawnU+265F&#9823

Chess Board Sample With Using Chess Symbols


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