Mahjong Tiles Symbols

Complete list of Mahjong Tiles symbols.

SymbolMahjong Tile NameUnicode Number
🀀Mahjong Tile East Wind🀀
🀁Mahjong Tile South Wind🀁
🀂Mahjong Tile West Wind🀂
🀃Mahjong Tile North Wind🀃
🀄Mahjong Tile Red Dragon🀄
🀅Mahjong Tile Green Dragon🀅
🀆Mahjong Tile White Dragon🀆
🀇Mahjong Tile One Of Characters🀇
🀈Mahjong Tile Two Of Characters🀈
🀉Mahjong Tile Three Of Characters🀉
🀊Mahjong Tile Four Of Characters🀊
🀋Mahjong Tile Five Of Characters🀋
🀌Mahjong Tile Six Of Characters🀌
🀍Mahjong Tile Seven Of Characters🀍
🀎Mahjong Tile Eight Of Characters🀎
🀏Mahjong Tile Nine Of Characters🀏
🀐Mahjong Tile One Of Bamboos🀐
🀑Mahjong Tile Two Of Bamboos🀑
🀒Mahjong Tile Three Of Bamboos🀒
🀓Mahjong Tile Four Of Bamboos🀓
🀔Mahjong Tile Five Of Bamboos🀔
🀕Mahjong Tile Six Of Bamboos🀕
SymbolMahjong Tile NameUnicode Number
🀖Mahjong Tile Seven Of Bamboos🀖
🀗Mahjong Tile Eight Of Bamboos🀗
🀘Mahjong Tile Nine Of Bamboos🀘
🀙Mahjong Tile One Of Circles🀙
🀚Mahjong Tile Two Of Circles🀚
🀛Mahjong Tile Three Of Circles🀛
🀜Mahjong Tile Four Of Circles🀜
🀝Mahjong Tile Five Of Circles🀝
🀞Mahjong Tile Six Of Circles🀞
🀟Mahjong Tile Seven Of Circles🀟
🀠Mahjong Tile Eight Of Circles🀠
🀡Mahjong Tile Nine Of Circles🀡
🀢Mahjong Tile Plum🀢
🀣Mahjong Tile Orchid🀣
🀤Mahjong Tile Bamboo🀤
🀥Mahjong Tile Chrysanthemum🀥
🀦Mahjong Tile Spring🀦
🀧Mahjong Tile Summer🀧
🀨Mahjong Tile Autumn🀨
🀩Mahjong Tile Winter🀩
🀪Mahjong Tile Joker🀪
🀫Mahjong Tile Back🀫

Just copy and paste the Mahjong Tile sign, or use the unicode hex number.

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