What Is the Special Character?

When we type documents, we extensively use the most popular characters which include letters (from A to Z and from a to z in Latin alphabet) and digits (from 0  to 9).

However, there are plenty of other characters which are less often used when typing, coding, and so on. Those are called special characters, which usually include punctuation marks, special symbols (like money signs and others), diacritics (special characters used in Spanish, French, Portugal, and other popular European languages), and some other characters.

Below, you can see some examples of special characters:

          !   %   *   #   @   “   :  ?   /

Recently, special characters are recommended and very often used in passwords since they make passwords stronger, so the private pages or email accounts are more secure.

As this website suggests, it is possible to type special characters using Alt keyboard sequence.

List of special characters.

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