Registered Mark Symbol

Registered Mark Symbol Symbol Code

How to use

Press and hold the ALT key and type the number 0174 to make a registered symbol alt code.

Recent Comments

veronica 2018-11-20 12:30:42

is there a alt code for SM or just use (SM) ?

ⓁⓘⓁ 2018-09-20 20:01:31


••••••••• password incorrect 2018-03-13 18:58:56

alt 2 is (☻)

Senpai dom 2016-09-30 11:03:07


Keith 2016-09-05 21:36:55

How do you get the ® on your texts?

Dee 2016-09-01 17:04:09

Black Star Alt 9733, White Star Alt Code 9734

AltCodeFan 2016-08-13 14:54:00

@Bob 2016-02-25 17:45:30
how do you make a star?

Maybe you'd better ask directly Darth Vader?

(Sorry, couldn't resist the temptation!)

Barbara 2016-08-01 03:47:54

Trademark is ™ 0153
The registered TM is ® 0174
Copyright is © 0169

Alter 2016-06-28 23:12:17

I never Knew that ♂ was alt+ 11 but I did know that ♀ was alt+12

suz 2016-03-22 16:07:27

spade is alt 2566 ♠

Bob 2016-02-25 17:45:30

how do you make a star?

Michael Jackson 2016-02-23 13:37:05

™ is my trademark for kids

Jeff 2016-01-22 16:18:19

♀ is alt 12
♂ is alt 11

David 2015-10-14 19:57:20

Maret - the alt code for an a with ~ on top is 0227: ã

Sam 2015-09-03 16:40:11

I don't rightly think there is an alt code for the apple. That is foreign to me. I am not aware of the octagon symbol, but you might try searching alt codes or looking at a list of them. You need to either use the number pad, or turn on numlock for the alt codes to work I believe.

0174=® 2015-06-12 16:59:11


Hanna 2015-02-19 18:46:07

If you have a Mac and you want to do the apple symbole you hold on alt+a=

Mr.VB in Windows on a Mac 2014-09-25 10:01:17

How do I use alt codes on a Mac?

mario 2014-04-28 11:51:37

Hi guys, when i type this Alt + 741 =˥ in MS-Word.
this is what i get
How can i get it in a password format. (in a startup password for windows on a PC)

"®" Master 2014-04-11 19:32:16

@questionguy To do it on a laptop, you need a laptop with a Num-Pad Input, if you don't have one with a Num-Pad input then you need to copy this → ® And paste it into your document.

questionguy 2014-04-03 17:30:14

I know how to make it on desktop...but how do u make it on windows7PRO laptop? inform me when any of u get a answer thanks☻

Alt Code 2014-03-15 19:19:35

How do you do dem small alphabets?

Tim 2013-12-03 13:49:59

@Linda: Different programs have different ways to make the symbol superscripted. This is independent of the text itself. In Microsoft Word® 2010, you can use "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "+" to change to superscript typing. Then, you can use the Alt code to type your "®" character (or any number of other characters).

Maret 2013-11-12 04:53:30

I would like to know the alt code for an a with ~ on top please.

eren jaeger 2013-08-18 04:28:27

what is the alt symbol for the apple?

Sherry 2013-08-09 20:56:41

my laptop does not have a full number pad...just numbers above do I do the (R)

Linda 2013-07-24 13:30:52

Is there a way to make ® appear as superscript? For example, the ® in this designation: CFP® needs to be superscript. Thanks.

Don 2013-01-07 12:19:33

is there an Octagon symbol?

®®® 2012-07-20 19:54:09

® is a trademark of ... ®

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