Domino Tiles Symbols

Complete list of Domino Tiles symbols.

SymbolDomino Tile NameUnicode Number
🀰Domino Tile Horizontal Back🀰
🀱Domino Tile Horizontal-00-00🀱
🀲Domino Tile Horizontal-00-01🀲
🀳Domino Tile Horizontal-00-02🀳
🀴Domino Tile Horizontal-00-03🀴
🀵Domino Tile Horizontal-00-04🀵
🀶Domino Tile Horizontal-00-05🀶
🀷Domino Tile Horizontal-00-06🀷
🀸Domino Tile Horizontal-01-00🀸
🀹Domino Tile Horizontal-01-01🀹
🀺Domino Tile Horizontal-01-02🀺
🀻Domino Tile Horizontal-01-03🀻
🀼Domino Tile Horizontal-01-04🀼
🀽Domino Tile Horizontal-01-05🀽
🀾Domino Tile Horizontal-01-06🀾
🀿Domino Tile Horizontal-02-00🀿
🁀Domino Tile Horizontal-02-01🁀
🁁Domino Tile Horizontal-02-02🁁
🁂Domino Tile Horizontal-02-03🁂
🁃Domino Tile Horizontal-02-04🁃
🁄Domino Tile Horizontal-02-05🁄
SymbolDomino Tile NameUnicode Number
🁅Domino Tile Horizontal-02-06🁅
🁆Domino Tile Horizontal-03-00🁆
🁇Domino Tile Horizontal-03-01🁇
🁈Domino Tile Horizontal-03-02🁈
🁉Domino Tile Horizontal-03-03🁉
🁊Domino Tile Horizontal-03-04🁊
🁋Domino Tile Horizontal-03-05🁋
🁌Domino Tile Horizontal-03-06🁌
🁍Domino Tile Horizontal-04-00🁍
🁎Domino Tile Horizontal-04-01🁎
🁏Domino Tile Horizontal-04-02🁏
🁐Domino Tile Horizontal-04-03🁐
🁑Domino Tile Horizontal-04-04🁑
🁒Domino Tile Horizontal-04-05🁒
🁓Domino Tile Horizontal-04-06🁓
🁔Domino Tile Horizontal-05-00🁔
🁕Domino Tile Horizontal-05-01🁕
🁖Domino Tile Horizontal-05-02🁖
🁗Domino Tile Horizontal-05-03🁗
🁘Domino Tile Horizontal-05-04🁘
🁙Domino Tile Horizontal-05-05🁙
SymbolDomino Tile NameUnicode Number
🁚Domino Tile Horizontal-05-06🁚
🁛Domino Tile Horizontal-06-00🁛
🁜Domino Tile Horizontal-06-01🁜
🁝Domino Tile Horizontal-06-02🁝
🁞Domino Tile Horizontal-06-03🁞
🁟Domino Tile Horizontal-06-04🁟
🁠Domino Tile Horizontal-06-05🁠
🁡Domino Tile Horizontal-06-06🁡
🁢Domino Tile Vertical Back🁢
🁣Domino Tile Vertical-00-00🁣
🁤Domino Tile Vertical-00-01🁤
🁥Domino Tile Vertical-00-02🁥
🁦Domino Tile Vertical-00-03🁦
🁧Domino Tile Vertical-00-04🁧
🁨Domino Tile Vertical-00-05🁨
🁩Domino Tile Vertical-00-06🁩
🁪Domino Tile Vertical-01-00🁪
🁫Domino Tile Vertical-01-01🁫
🁬Domino Tile Vertical-01-02🁬
🁭Domino Tile Vertical-01-03🁭
🁮Domino Tile Vertical-01-04🁮
SymbolDomino Tile NameUnicode Number
🁯Domino Tile Vertical-01-05🁯
🁰Domino Tile Vertical-01-06🁰
🁱Domino Tile Vertical-02-00🁱
🁲Domino Tile Vertical-02-01🁲
🁳Domino Tile Vertical-02-02🁳
🁴Domino Tile Vertical-02-03🁴
🁵Domino Tile Vertical-02-04🁵
🁶Domino Tile Vertical-02-05🁶
🁷Domino Tile Vertical-02-06🁷
🁸Domino Tile Vertical-03-00🁸
🁹Domino Tile Vertical-03-01🁹
🁺Domino Tile Vertical-03-02🁺
🁻Domino Tile Vertical-03-03🁻
🁼Domino Tile Vertical-03-04🁼
🁽Domino Tile Vertical-03-05🁽
🁾Domino Tile Vertical-03-06🁾
🁿Domino Tile Vertical-04-00🁿
🂀Domino Tile Vertical-04-01🂀
🂁Domino Tile Vertical-04-02🂁
🂂Domino Tile Vertical-04-03🂂
🂃Domino Tile Vertical-04-04🂃
SymbolDomino Tile NameUnicode Number
🂄Domino Tile Vertical-04-05🂄
🂅Domino Tile Vertical-04-06🂅
🂆Domino Tile Vertical-05-00🂆
🂇Domino Tile Vertical-05-01🂇
🂈Domino Tile Vertical-05-02🂈
🂉Domino Tile Vertical-05-03🂉
🂊Domino Tile Vertical-05-04🂊
🂋Domino Tile Vertical-05-05🂋
🂌Domino Tile Vertical-05-06🂌
🂍Domino Tile Vertical-06-00🂍
🂎Domino Tile Vertical-06-01🂎
🂏Domino Tile Vertical-06-02🂏
🂐Domino Tile Vertical-06-03🂐
🂑Domino Tile Vertical-06-04🂑
🂒Domino Tile Vertical-06-05🂒
🂓Domino Tile Vertical-06-06🂓

Just copy and paste the Domino Tile sign, or use the unicode hex number.