Clock Symbols

List of Clock signs, make over 27 clock symbols text character.

Clock SymbolClock NameDecimalHex
Alarm Clock⏰⏰
Timer Clock⏲⏲
🕐Clock Face One Oclock🕐🕐
🕑Clock Face Two Oclock🕑🕑
🕒Clock Face Three Oclock🕒🕒
🕓Clock Face Four Oclock🕓🕓
🕔Clock Face Five Oclock🕔🕔
🕕Clock Face Six Oclock🕕🕕
🕖Clock Face Seven Oclock🕖🕖
🕗Clock Face Eight Oclock🕗🕗
🕘Clock Face Nine Oclock🕘🕘
🕙Clock Face Ten Oclock🕙🕙
🕚Clock Face Eleven Oclock🕚🕚
🕛Clock Face Twelve Oclock🕛🕛
🕜Clock Face One-thirty🕜🕜
🕝Clock Face Two-thirty🕝🕝
🕞Clock Face Three-thirty🕞🕞
🕟Clock Face Four-thirty🕟🕟
🕠Clock Face Five-thirty🕠🕠
🕡Clock Face Six-thirty🕡🕡
Clock SymbolClock NameDecimalHex
🕢Clock Face Seven-thirty🕢🕢
🕣Clock Face Eight-thirty🕣🕣
🕤Clock Face Nine-thirty🕤🕤
🕥Clock Face Ten-thirty🕥🕥
🕦Clock Face Eleven-thirty🕦🕦
🕧Clock Face Twelve-thirty🕧🕧
🕰Mantelpiece Clock🕰🕰

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Clock Symbol Preview Variations

Clock SymbolColorItalic Symbol
Alarm Clock red
Alarm Clock orange
Alarm Clock pink
Alarm Clock green
Alarm Clock royal blue
Alarm Clock purple
Timer Clock red
Timer Clock orange
Timer Clock pink
Timer Clock green
Timer Clock royal blue
Timer Clock purple